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This page is currently under construction.  Pictures of calls are coming soon.  For now, use the “Contact” page to reach Gary directly with your request for information or to place an order.

five beard turkey with partner

Thanks for your interest in Daybreak Turkey Calls.  2013 has been a great year with three First Place calls in the Grand National Call Making Competition.  One of those calls was chosen overall Best in Show and garnered the D. D. Adams Award and the 2013 Grand National Champion Call Maker of the Year Award.  Interest in Daybreak Turkey Calls is really high.

For those considering  acquiring a Daybreak Call you will be interested in the following descriptions.

For slate calls, I prefer to build with Canary Wood or Padauk.  Both are very reliable and are proven winners in all of the major call making competitions in the nation as well as being sustained best sellers to Daybreak clients.

For glass calls, I like Indian Rosewood and Canary Wood.  The Best in Show call in this year’s Grand Nationals was made from Canary.  Lots of those are on their way to clients all over the country.

For aluminum surfaces, Curly Shedua has been a perennial winner in the Grand Nationals, including a First in its category again this year.  Shedua aluminum Daybreaks have also won Best in Show in the Midwest Call Making Competition in Wisconsin and in the Southeast Open in Raleigh.  The Best in Show winner in the Midwest also won the Pap Nelson Award as the Midwest Friction Call Maker of the Year.bluebirds-2

I am very fond of the Daybreak ceramics that have grown in demand the last couple of years.  Shedua, Padauk or Canary all work well with ceramic surfaces.  I think the key to Daybreak ceramics is their authentic turkey sound that is just different enough that birds have not heard it over and over.  That always gives the hunter an edge.

Daybreaks are handcrafted one at a time.  I rarely have any inventory in stock.  Every call is built to order for specific clients.  And no one ever takes a risk with a Daybreak Call.  The client has to be totally satisfied or the call is to be sent home.  No questions asked.

Click off an email from the Contact page and I will be right back to you with answers toyour questions or confirmation of your order.  Thanks again for your interest in Daybreak Turkey Calls.

Daybreak Turkey Calls…making calls today like others will tomorrow.